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We have 100% financing, flexible payment schedules, and fixed terms without large down payments.

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You Built a Great Business. 
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Whether your still looking for the perfect new or used truck or in need of financing options, we got your back throughout all stages of the process.   

We have vast connections with vendors and dealers across America for locating the perfect Truck for you. 

Benefits of Financing with Us:

 ​Profit from Flexible Payment Schedules: 

Andalon Partners can tailor your payment schedule with deferred-payment, skip-payment and seasonal-payment options to satisfy your cash flow, budget, as well as the cyclical fluctuations of your business.

Conserve Cash:

Leasing provides up to 100% financing and needs no sizeable down payment, ​leaving you liquidity to use in the event of unforeseen troubles, like slow-paying customers, payroll constraints or an economic downturn.

Hedge Against Inflation:

Lease payments are fixed for the term regardless of inflation rates, so you pay today’s fixed payment with next year’s inflated dollars.

Quick Approval:

Our streamlined and efficient approval processes are tailored to reduce your wait time for your financing solution.

Increased Buying Power:

Our financing allows buyers to acquire a high-quality box truck that might have been out of their immediate budget range.

Maintain Your Line of Credit:

You still have 100% of your credit available.

Protect Against Obsolescence:

You have access to the most modern equipment available.

Easy Access to Upgrades:

Andalon Partners has a variety of end-of-lease options giving you the opportunity to return, renew, or purchase the equipment.

  Accounting & Tax Benefits: 
Monthly payments may be deductible as operating expenses, improving your financial ratios.

Your Ultimate Solution.

We understand how Financing a new Truck can help your business expand. 

Just let our us provide you with the options specifically tailored to your business.

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All Types of Credit Considered.

Andalon Partners is proud to provide the best possible financing experience & solutions for your Trucking needs.  

We build deep relationships with insurance companies, banks, specialty funds, and private money to finance a wide range of credit profiles and equipment. 

*Regardless of the industry market complexity of the credit profile you have to deal with, we can provide you with convenient financing with bad credit  options.  

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